Quality first

We work with top brands to supply equipment and parts that will go the distance.

Water & Irrigation

Rainstar and Prorain irrigation reels that look to the future.

Top centre pivot and linear irrigation machines

Incredible irrigation, gun, and sprinkler packages.

Irrigation, gun, and sprinkler packages that keep up.

Lasting irrigation sprinklers, foggers, and misters.

Efficient and precise fertigation and chemigation injectors.

Winning pumps for almost every application.

Heavy duty pumps and a wide selection.

Submersible irrigation pumps for a superior operation.

Submersible and end suction irrigation pumps.

All your end suction agricultural and irrigation pumps in one place.

Galvanized and aluminum irrigation fittings that won’t quit.

Irrigation fittings you can trust to get the job done.

Hands-off automatic control valves.

Innovative and automatic control valves.

Pumps, filtration, valves and more.

Municipal, industrial, and residential UV sterilization for a clean production

Injection pumps that work as hard as you.

Expert water filtration equipment so you can worry less.

Ensure water quality with premium water filtration equipment.

Convenient smartphone-controlled irrigation solutions.

Dairy & Beef

Brings innovative automation to dairy.

Rotary & Rapid exit parlors, Milk cooling, handling and storage products.

Robotic milking, feeding, and barn hygiene products.

Injection molded, insulated, and easy-to-clean stock waterers.

Barn stalls, fans, stock waterers and more.

Flexible cow stalls and beds for premium convenience.

Keep your herd comfortable with top cleaning and disinfectant products.

Put hygiene first with end-to-end cleaning solutions and disinfectants.

Natural and nutritional supplements for a healthy herd.

Liner, milk tubes and accessories for an efficient production line.

Prevent injury with durable and comfortable footwear.

Durable and comfortable footwear made with superior materials.

Preventative therapies and treatments to keep cattle healthy.

Animal health solutions to support your business and herd.

Quality hoof care products and solutions.

Waste Management

Superior pumps, agitators, scrapers and everything manure.

Pumps, agitators, scrapers, spreaders, hose reels, and more quality equipment.

Manure dragline equipment that makes a dirty job feel easy.

Support your cattle with solids separators, bedding composting, and more.

Feed Storage & Milling

Heavy duty corrugated and smoothwall grain storage solutions.

High performance utility and portable grain augers, hoppers, and conveyors.

Hammer and roller mills, rigid auger systems, and more user-centered equipment.

Top quality roller mills systems for optimizing your milling process.


Low voltage power distribution and control systems for a safe operation.

Flexible and efficient VFD’s soft starters, motors and gear reducers.

Standby power or prime power generators that will have your back.

Automatic transfer switches to make your life easier.

Automatic transfer switches for backup power.

Electrical distribution equipment to keep your system running smoothly.


Instruments for Pressure, Level, Flow, Temperature and more.

Instruments for Pressure, Level, Flow, Temperature and more

Pressure and flow control for Municipal and Irrigation systems

Level measurement for Reservoirs and Deep Wells

Flow measurement for you Irrigation system or Process control

Quality tubing, fittings and valves


Enclosures for custom control panel applications

Terminals, Power Supplies, networking, and panel hardware used in our custom built control panels

Relays and Timers

Motor control and operator control/indicators

SCADA and plant wide control systems

SCADA for Municipalities

SCADA for small water utilities

PLC and RTU for municipal applications


Touch Screen HMI panels for every application

BRX Do-More

Powerful and modern PLC control for big and small applications


Secure remote access when you are located in a remote area